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Dear customers!


Thank you for shopping at “PoloStores”! We’ve created the “Discount Card” so the better value you enjoy every day at our shops goes even further. Just complete online application form to get your personal “Discount Card”.

Want to know more about the “Discount Card”?

  • “Discount Card” is absolutely free.
  • “Discount Card” can be used in any “PoloStores” shop.
  • Attention! You must hand your card to the checkout operator before the transaction.
    Points cannot be added after the sale is complete.
  • Begin using your “Discount Card” immediately on all your purchases and start collecting points straight away.
  • Two points will be awarded for every €1 spent and this will be shown on your till receipt.
    Each point is equal to 1 cent.
  • You choose when you want to spend your points: anytime, any day and on almost everything in store.
  • Spending points: When you get to the till in-store just hand over your “Discount Card” and let the cashier know that you would like to treat yourself with your points.
  • Checking your points balance: to check how many points you have on your card, you must present your
    “Discount Card” at the checkout till and ask a cashier about your balance. Also you can see your current balance at the bottom of your receipt after each purchase made with “Discount Card”.
  • If the card is lost or stolen: Complete “Lost/Stolen Discount Card Request” online providing all the required information and we will cancel your old card and issue a new one for you.
    All collected points will be transferred automatically into your new card.
    Please ensure that you apply for a replacement card rather than open a new “Discount Card”, as a new card won’t automatically be linked to your existing points balance.
  • “Discount Card” Scheme: Management can cancel or withdraw the scheme on any individual
    card at any time. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections of Terms and conditions of the scheme at any time. We’ll always give notice of change.
  • Points expiration: Points will expire if they are more than one year old and have not yet been spent.

Privacy Practice?

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