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We've created the "Discount Card" so the better value you enjoy every day at our shops goes even further. Want to know more about "Discount Card"?

Terms and Conditions of Discount Cards

Please read through these Terms in conjunction with the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before participating in this promotion.

General Conditions:

  • “Discount Card” is absolutely free.
  • “Discount Card” can be used in any “PoloStores” shop.
  • Two (2) points will be awarded for every €1 spent and this will be shown on your till receipt.
  • Each point is equal to 1 cent.
  • Points will not be received for purchasing the following excluded items: Alcohol products
  • Begin using your “Discount Card” immediately on all your purchases and start collecting points straight away.
  • To activate the “Discount Card” it is necessary to register it online. Without registration you will not be able to subsequently spend them.
  • You must hand your “Discount Card” to the checkout operator before the transaction.
  • Points cannot be added after the sale is complete.
  • You can spend your points anytime, any day and on almost everything in store.
  • You have to specify to checkout operator that you would like to make part or full payment by your earned points.
  • To check how many points, you have on your card, you must present your “Discount Card” at the checkout till and ask a cashier about your balance. In addition, you can see your current balance at the bottom of your receipt after each purchase made with “Discount Card”.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please pick up new card at your local store and then log in to your account and fill out an online request to transfer points from the old card (“Lost/Stolen Discount Card Request”)
  • You can delete your account on our website an any time.
  • When you delete your account all your date will be erased, including earned points

If you have additional questions or require further assistance with your “Discount Card” please contact our customer service by email: customerservices@polostores.net

PoloStores reserves the right to cancel this loyalty program and amend these Terms at any time without prior notice.

The above Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.